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About Us

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       Chengde Yingke Fine Chemical Co., LTD.,(the former name is Pingquan Changcheng Chemical Company) is the large-scale Fluorine chemical industry in the nationwide,which is belong to Chengde Quli Industry and Trade Group Co.,LTD..Our company established in 2004. We have 1123 employees,400 professional and technical persons.There are 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries, Chenbaerhu Quanli Fluorite Exploit Limited Company, Chifeng Pingfeng Fluorite Limited Company, Ningcheng Jinhai Mining Industry, Weichang Quanli Fluorite Exploit Limited Company, Fengning Pingning Mining Industry Limited Company, and Beijing Ronzlle Investment Management Limited Company. Our company is specialized in ore mining,chemical industry production, sales and export,which is the largest Fluorine chemical industry in North of China.It has been become a major research,production and export base of chemical products in Hebei province.
       Our company produces 50,000 tons anhydrous hydrous fluoride,40,000 tons high purity dry aluminum fluoride, 100,000 tons fluorite powder,180,000 tons fluorine gypsum , 120,000 tons of sulfate, 80,000 tons iron powder and 200,000 tons fluorite ore annual. The product aluminum fluoride exports to Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, India, Iran, Malaysia and other countries and regions.
       In order to adapt to market changes and demands, our company executes the developing company by technology, to realize the transformation from traditional industries to the emerging industries.At the beginning of 2015, we invest 210 million Yuan to start the project of 33,000 tons of high purity fluorine. Our products are mainly used in electronic materials,optical materials,welding materials and toothpaste additive field. The first and second phases produces 17 kinds of containing fluorine meticulous chemicals products and five high purity raw materials product, such as electronic grade potassium fluoride, potassium hydrogen fluoride, sodium hydrogen fluoride, lithium fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, ammonium fluoride, ammonium hydrogen fluoride and sodium fluoride toothpaste grade, single fluorine sodium phosphate, optical grade magnesium fluoride, aluminum metaphosphate, partial barium phosphate, calcium fluoride, fluoride, strontium, barium fluoride, aluminum fluoride, welding fluoride potassium aluminate and so on. All of the above products mainly export to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, etc.. At the same time, Our company has been reported to patent products and technology ten scientific technological achievement. We have a Research and Development Center with 1000 square meters has been built by 15 million Yuan investment, and has set up a chemical training practice base with the Beijing Chemical University.
       The third phase has invested 200 million Yuan to develop 11 kinds of products, such as tin protofluoride, carbon monofluoride, rare earth fluoride, Lithium hexafluorophosphate, six fluoride phosphate cesium, Calcium hexafluorophosphate, six fluoride magnesium phosphate, fluorine,potassium fluozirconate, potassium fluotantalate, Magnesium metaphosphate and so on. The comprehensive production capacity can reach 4,000 tons. By the plan, the forth phase will invest 500 million Yuan to develop fluorine-containing fine chemicals with high precision and inorganic fine furfural (medical intermediate). The comprehensive production capacity will reach 5,000 tons.